Ivan the Bold (Dokiri Brides #3)

She’d walk through fire to save their world. To claim her, he’d let it all burn.

Her widowed heart freshly healed, Lavinia wants nothing more than to bind herself to Ivan, the man who adores her fatherless sons almost as much as he loves her. Then duty calls her to risk their future and return to a life she’d fled — to a man who wants her as much as she fears him.    

Tasked with escorting Lavinia back to the land of her birth, Ivan pledges his heart along with his protection. He’ll have his mark upon her within days. But no sooner do they arrive than her previous life threatens to tear her away forever. 

Haunted by the mistakes of her past, Lavinia would do anything to redeem herself and save her people. Consumed by desire, Ivan must decide if passion is worth more than the survival of his race.

Duty or love? They can’t have both.

The Series

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He cut her off, his voice soothing. “Trust me.”

She would. 

Her hand relaxed as he pushed it up over her head, into the cushion. His thumb stroked the inside of her upturned wrist until the last of the tension worked its way out of her limb. He released her, then sat up tall. His left hand brushed over her old tanshi mark while his right brought the tip of the blade to her skin. 

“There’d be nothing between you and me. Not a scrap of cloth or fur. I’d ask you if you were ready.”

Lavinia’s voice shook. “I’d s-say yes.”

He paused. “Would you be afraid?”

Heat spread through her stomach. “Not anymore.”