Magnus the Vast (Dokiri Brides #4)

She’d willingly march into hell…just not with him.


Fiercely loyal to her country, Nadine will do whatever it takes to destroy the ancient evil threatening her world. Anything. Except allow a wild savage to put his mark on her.

Plagued by survivor’s guilt, Magnus the Vast vows to do whatever it takes to bring home the friend he left behind. Claiming the beautiful hellcat who wants his head is a convenient bonus. One he won’t let her get out of.

Bound together, Nadine and Magnus must rely on one another to complete their mission and save their people. Easier said than done for the woman-warrior who thinks her new husband a domineering brute, and the sly barbarian who is all too happy to play the part.

They’ll walk into the pit of the earth, and they’ll do it together—or they may never walk out.

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The gegatu pulled its wings inward and gave an irritable hiss that Nadine could hear even from so far away. As Magnus slid off of its back, the wyvern slunk to its belly on the sand and stretched his neck out far from its body as though to catch every ray of the sun as it speared down from the heavens. Magnus didn’t pause. The instant his boots touched the ground, he prowled toward her like a lion who’d set its sights on a newborn calf.

Steady yourself, Nadine. 

She slipped her hand beneath the scarlet cape that covered one of her shoulders. Her fingers brushed the warm metal of her lancet, a telescoping spear that, on certain settings, could serve as a single or two-ended sword when used by a well-trained warrior. Nadine surely was no wide-eyed and helpless infant creature. Though a lion, he may be.

Her heart picked up speed in her chest. She could see his eyes now, and they narrowed on her to match the smirk stretching across his handsome face.

“Here already? And I thought I’d have to chase you down with my friend back there.”

Nadine straightened, her hand falling away from her weapon as she pinned the barbarian was a sterile glare. “I’m on time. You are late.”

Magnus raised his open palms toward her in a gesture of peace even as he drew closer. “Had I known my bride was so eager, I’d have been here sooner.”