Sven the Collector (Dokiri Brides #0.5)

If they don’t kill each other, the forest will.

Willful and daring, Lady Colette dreams of finding true love with a man who can handle her wild nature without dominating her. Those dreams come crashing down when her doting father decides it’s high-time she settle down and marry a weakling lord with no chance of surviving her wiles. While enjoying her final hunt as a free woman, Colette throws caution to the wind and chases her quarry into the dark and forbidding forest known only as “The Twist”.

Wyvern-rider, Sven, has one thing on his mind: capture the beautiful huntress he’s been watching and get her back to his mountain home. Then he can resume his bid to become his clan’s next chieftain. Just as he gets his opportunity, a dagger across his chest alerts him that his would-be-bride possesses far more spirit than he bargained for, but not more than he’s willing to take on.

Stranded together in one of the most dangerous places in the world, a lady and a barbarian find themselves at the mercy of each other as much as the labyrinthian terrain they must escape. Tension grows thick even as time runs short, for something malevolent lurks in the shadows.

The Series

Sven the Collector (Dokiri Brides #0.5)

Hollen the Soulless (Dokiri Brides #1)

Erik the Tempered (Dokiri Brides #2)

Ivan the Bold (Dokiri Brides #3)

Magnus the Vast (Dokiri Brides #4)

Sigvard the Nameless (Dokiri Brides #5)

Coming Soon (Dokiri Brides #6)

Coming Soon (Dokiri Brides #7)

Coming Soon (Dokiri Brides #8)

Coming Soon (Dokiri Brides #9)

Coming Soon (Dokiri Brides #10)

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   She remembered how tightly those arms had held her in the water, not giving her an inch. Apparently, not all men were so easily vanquished.

   “I’m sorry for today,” Sven muttered. “I didn’t know.”

   “And if you had?”

   “I would have been…kinder.”

   Yesterday, she would have scoffed at that. Now? Listening to the soft timbre of his voice and lying snugly in his embrace, Colette believed him. Something pleasant unfolded in her chest. Peace. She cleared her throat and curled deeper against his warmth.

   “Well, I still would have broken your nose.”