Cover Reveal for Ivan the Bold

May 2, 2020

It’s here!


It’s finally time to reveal the new cover for Ivan the Bold. This one happens to be a favorite among the few who have seen all five in the series. Book #3 in the Dokiri Brides Series is now available for pre-order for September 10th, 2020. Check it out on Amazon here.

I’m nearly finished with the drafting phase of Ivan the Bold and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. I’m currently on the look-out for ARC reviewers. If you’re interested, click here for an application. Check out the full blurb below…

She’d walk through fire to save their world. To claim her, he’d let it all burn.


Her widowed heart freshly healed, Lavinia wants nothing more than to bind herself to Ivan, the man who adores her fatherless sons almost as much as he loves her. Then duty calls her to risk their future and return to a life she’d fled — to a man who wants her as much as she fears him.    

Tasked with escorting Lavinia back to the land of her birth, Ivan pledges his heart along with his protection. He’ll have his mark upon her within days. But no sooner do they arrive than her previous life threatens to tear her away forever.

 Haunted by the mistakes of her past, Lavinia would do anything to redeem herself and save her people. Consumed by desire, Ivan must decide if passion is worth more than the survival of his race.

Duty or love? They can’t have both.


The third novel in a sweeping new fantasy romance series. If you liked the world of Game of Thrones and the savagery of Conan the Barbarian, you’ll love Denali Day’s epic new series.

Buy Ivan the Bold to embark on your fantasy today!

Author’s Note: This is not a shifter romance. The Dokiri men are savage enough in their manly forms. That being said, this book features subdued sexual content. Enjoy the heat but don’t expect to get singed. Linear reading order highly recommended.

Trigger warning: This novel plays on the trope of abduction. While Dokiri men won’t let anything keep them from the woman they love, even that woman herself, all sexual acts between the hero and heroine are consensual.

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