Where did I get my idea for the Dokiri Brides Series?

I’m a big Dungeons and Dragons fan. For those who aren’t familiar, basically it’s a group story-telling game. Before I got started as a writer, I used to run a game and I made up a lot of the details myself. One of those homemade details was my earliest concept of the Dokiri people. 

My players had great fun “rescuing” a young woman who’d been abducted by a wyvern-riding barbarian. The catch? Once they made it up the treacherous mountain, their damsel-in-distress turned out to be hopelessly in love with her abductor. Whatsmore, they discovered that the Dokiri were actually a noble race of mountain-dwellers who’d dedicated their lives to protecting the lands below them from the evil beneath their frosty home.

By the end of the adventure, my players had helped the Dokiri people rescue a child who’d been stolen by a veligiri raiding party, and they did so with the help of Sven the Collector’s fabled axe. Thus, my idea for the Dokiri Brides Series was born.

What does the world look like now?

I’ve since come up with a far more accurate map for the world in which the Dokiri Brides Series is set. As you can see, some names and a serious amount of geography has shifted around. While this map is by no means final, it does a much better job of representing the story as it appears in the books today.