Erik the Tempered (Signed Copy)


She never thought to find love. He never thought to keep it.

Sold to whoremasters by her own husband, Tysha flees into the night with pursuers hot on her trail. For once in her life, the gods show mercy and deliver her to Erik the Tempered, a man as wild as he is noble. With him, Tysha’s long-dormant heart awakens, helplessly drawn to the quiet, enigmatic man who seems content to keep his distance.

Obligated to choose a bride for himself, Erik has spent weeks in half-hearted pursuit of a woman. Any woman will do, so long as he can easily say goodbye. However, fate brings him an unexpected bride, as nervous as she is lovely. With each passing day, Erik realizes his timid bride conceals the heart of a lion and finds it harder to turn from her sweet touch and haunting green eyes. But loving her comes with a great price: his family, his home, his purpose.

Soon Erik and Tysha will discover both the reward and cost of unconditional love.

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