Sigvard the Nameless (Signed Copy)


He’ll break her chains. She’ll free his soul.

Tasked by his chieftain, Sigvard the Nameless will do whatever it takes to save his people, and the whole of Sestoria, from succumbing to darkness. He’ll travel the continent to claim a magess said to be so powerful, she can wake a sleeping mountain. It won’t be a true bonding. One must have a heart for such things, and Sigvard’s went dormant years ago.

Adira Greykeeper has spent her life hidden behind high walls, under the thumb of a man she both despises and depends upon. The only thing she fears more than her prison is the thought of a life without it, a life where her power reigns unchecked—even by her own will.

When a wild man on a legendary mount spirits her away, Adira is determined to return to her gilded cage before she can relive the horror of her youth. The savage is willing to suffer any fate to keep her at his side, a folly Adira knows will herald his doom. Despite his tortured soul, the barbarian lends her a bravery she’s never known, and with it, hope. But it comes with a price, and he’ll demand more from her than she could ever have imagined.

Two hearts. Two wounds. One great love—may the mountain fall.

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