Denali’s Book Recommendations

Aching for something good to read while you wait for Denali’s next book to release? Here’s some of her absolute favorites reads to tie you over until then!

Disclaimer: She makes a small comission using affiliate links <3

Fantasy Romance / PNR

Historical Romance

Science Fiction Romance

Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Fantasy Romance / PNR

One of my top 3 all-time favorite books!

Prickly sorcerer vs woman sent to spy on him.

Barbarian king vs reluctant bride.

Conquering king marries his enemy’s daughter.

My favorite book from my favorite PNR series!

Healer woman with a crush on her “boss”.

Beauty and the Beast meets Alice in Wonderland (YA)

Super emotional. Phenomenal, poetic writing!

Totally indulgent. Perfect when you need something light and fun.

Top-notch world building. Fae romance.

Beauty and the Beast retelling. 2 love stories in 1 book.

Science Fiction Romance

Woman sent to prison on a planet full of male convicts.

Classic alien abduction. My absolute favorite. 

Assasin meets his fated mate and has to take her on the run.

Hilarious! This alien hero is terrified of germs…and basically everything else.

Forgive the cover. This has one of the best romance scenes I’ve ever read.

Historical Romance

One of my top 3 favorite books! Caveman time travel romance <3

Deaf heroine arranged marriage to her enemy.

American Revolutionary War “While You Were Sleeping” type deal.

Slow to start, worth the endurance.

Charming. Hilarious. Blind hero.

Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Last book in the series, but this one was my favorite.

One of my all-time favorite authors! Best dialogue around. A “thinker” series.

Super indulgent dragon-shifter romance.

The fourhorsemen of the apocalypse have come to earth.