Top 8 Underrated Qualities in Romance Heroes

Jun 24, 2020

He’s rich, ripped, knows how to fight, and has eyes of piercing gray. Sign us up, right? Well sure. But, as avid readers of the romance genre, we’ve seen these tropes oh…about a thousand times, right? Probably more. 


So let’s take a minute to appreciate some of the more underrated heroic traits. Don’t worry, they are no less swoonworthy.


#1 Brown Eyes


What does the book-writing world have against brown eyes anyway? Last I checked, brown was the most common eye color on the planet. You’d think at least SOME of the earth’s swoon-worthy men would be sporting this sexy color. And let’s be clear. It is very sexy. Can you imagine? A pair of smoldering eyes so dark they almost look black, narrowing on the sight of your fingers as you reach for the button of your jeans? Yes, please!


#2 Sobriety


Here’s one that almost never gets a mention. Now, I’m not talking about a dude who’d turn his nose up at you for enjoying a glass of champagne at your bestie’s wedding. But what about a man who’d allow you to really let your hair down, enjoying all the night had to offer and then, tuck you into the front seat of his car at the end of the night to drive you (safely) home? I think I’d cry and sleep like a baby.


#3 Willingness to Make Promises


It’s a given that we don’t like men who break their promises. Everyone knows this…including guys. That’s why many shy away from anything so light as a playground pinky-swear. So think of the delight when, in the face of your doubts, your man looks you in the eye and tells you exactly what he is and is not going to do. And then…wait for it…he actually follows through!


#4 Gentleness With Children


This extends beyond the typical “man with a baby” trope. Seeing him take the time for anyone weaker than he is, kids, the elderly, a wounded animal, the mentally handicapped…I think I just dropped an egg.


#5 Confidence About His Flaws


Does he have a lisp? Is he short? Poor? It doesn’t matter. If he can stand tall in the face of those who mock him (maybe even smile), one has to wonder…what can possibly hurt this guy? 


#6 Animal Whisperers


Creatures of the land flock to him like he’s friggin Snow-White or something. And why not? You’re totally there for that sultry voice yourself.


#7 Emotional Intelligence


Your mother is on your case. Again. You’re about one finger-wag away from saying something you’ll regret. Your man is standing nearby. What’s he doing? Probably hiding, right? Now imagine if your knight-in-shining armor putting his arm around your hip, shooting your mother a confident smile, and calmly diffusing the situation. You don’t need to say a thing. Your man’s so charming, your mother doesn’t even mind letting him explain your point of view. At the end of the fight, your mother apologizes and you go home without tears. Sound like a fantasy? Can’t say I disagree.


#8 Healing Hands


I’m not talking about a twelve-year medical degree (though that has some advantages of its own). Let’s keep it simple. Is your back killing you after working all day? Your feet? Watch him work his magic. Or rather, feel his hands as they work their way through a day’s worth of bull.



What do you think?


Do you agree with me? If so, I invite you to check out my upcoming book. The hero of “Hollen the Soulless” has more than a couple traits from this list.  “Hollen the Soulless” is available now for preorder on Amazon.


Hollen the Soulless is available now for pre-order.

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